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So, you have a Facebook and Instagram (you better!) and Twitter. But do you wonder...

  • Am I posting too much?
  • Am I posting too little?
  • Am I even posting the right stuff?

At Pufferfished, we know social media -- and we love it! We spend our days not only working on accounts, but also studying current and, just as important, future trends in the world of social media.

We are here to help! (it's free -- no obligation!!)

Simply fill out the form, listing your social media platforms and explaining your social media goals. We will review your accounts and get back to you with a custom report detailing our recommendations.  And, yes! The report will include things you can do on your own to keep your social media fresh and engaging. (We will do our best to put a rush on your request but, due to demand, please allow up to a week to receive the final report.)


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